Friday, September 3, 2010

Crazy Week

I'm full of random. Maybe one of these days I'll get my random together for Random Tuesday Thoughts. Until then, here I go with my random all by myself.

I can't remember what I wrote last year about school and tutoring. And I'm too lazy to go look. So, quick recap--last year I had a tutor who came to our house and (!) tutored me. Which worked really well. But getting there was a total mess/disaster/failure. It didn't start until the beginning of October.

So this year, I felt so confident going in. Because I'm naive/hopeful/optimistic. Not exactly smooth sailing. My application has been at the tutoring office for three weeks and we were told yesterday that all I need is a note from my doctor. (Beyond the one she's already written.)

Gotta love buraucracy.

Our house was crazy full with people last weekend. A bunch of friends managed to coordinate their lives and so three families from everywhere (including India!) came through for a few days of insane fun.

I had such an amazing time. But I am now suffering for my fun. It was totally worth it, except for the pounding and utter-exhausted-ness.

Everyone left by Monday evening, but it took my body another 24 hours to realize how tired I was. I fell asleep on the surprisingly comfortable (or maybe I was just that tired) wood floor.

Twelve hours of sleep did little to improve my headache or fatigue, so I've been taking it easy for the rest of this week.

I took a break from the couch and taking it easy yesterday to poke my head into the orchid shop. It's so much better than a candy store. And almost impossible to walk out of empty-handed.

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