Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Not-Chocolate Chocolate Sauce


It disturbs me that on the back of the chocolate sauce container, it says it has a real chocolate taste. So then, there can't be any actual chocolate in there, otherwise they wouldn't have to make it taste like chocolate. Huh, sometimes I wish I didn't read labels so carefully.

Despite the radio ad's best efforts to convince me otherwise, I am very doubtful that a beautiful smile will give me a "lifetime of happiness". 

It has been hot here. Not any hotter than it was on any given day for the past two months, but my body seems to be noticing the heat a lot more. I think I've reached my limit with summer (Not the doing nothing part. The hot part. I can never have enough of the doing nothing part.). At least I have good timing. Most people consider fall to have officially started. Labor Day is past, and school has started. Heat, time for you to say your goodbyes. I won't miss you.

I recently seem to be attracting lots of bad books and worse movies. I seem incapable of attracting (see how I don't say choosing, because that would put the responsibility on me) anything good to watch or read. I'm stuck with semi-depressing books about the Iraq War (interesting doesn't make it less depressing), bad, not-funny movies, and summer re-runs on TV. 

I see one speck of hope in the distance; fall means moderately less-bad TV.

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Christina said...

Labels are bad enough, just wait until you get obsessed with expiration dates.