Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Post That May or May Not Have an Over-Arcing Theme

I feel like I've forgotten how to write a post on one, semi-cohesive thought. Even if the thought is just catching up on my life. A post without pictures or lists.

My life:

This week my body has been busy feeling bad. My brain has been full of homework. And feeling like it's going to burst at any given point.

I have missed two (out of two) days of school this week. It hasn't been hard keeping up, but stinks to know that I'm not there. "There" being not here.

My teacher has been really nice and understanding, though. Yesterday she told me to think positive thoughts and drink hot chocolate.

Which was totally appropriate (the hot chocolate, not the positive thoughts. It's probably always good to think positive thoughts. Here I go randomly. Okay, I was going to talk about the weather...(Thrilling, I know.)) because yesterday was the first day that felt more like winter-fall than summer-fall.

Which I am totally cool with. I like the winter. Being able to wear jeans and hoodies all the time is nothing short of amazing.

I love the possibility of snow, and with it, snowdays.

The hats, seeing your breath, and new photography opportunities.

This isn't to say that I won't complain, or be similiarly excited at the prospect of summer.

Maybe change is good.

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