Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Glorious Day of Nothing

My parents are skiing today. I am anticipating another day of glorious nothingness. To bask in the glow of my new camera. To not have to do anything, go anywhere, or be accountable to anyone.

There were mumblings and vague ideas about spending a couple night up in the mountains that have since been forgotten. I am having such a wonderful time being a slug. I am sure it would be great, but it just feels like extra effort since being here is so great.

There are no schedules. As much as I thrive on routine (and change, strangely enough), it is such a wonderful way to wake up; an unplanned day stretching before me.

Only three doctors all break.

One optometrist, who I'm actually looking forward to seeing. Besides needing new contacts to actually be able to see, I am also getting new glasses. I wear them only at night, so it hasn't really seemed worth it. But the frames are old and falling apart just a little bit, not to mention the perscription is from years ago.

One dentist. He's perfectly nice and I don't anticipate any problems, knock on wood, so I'm not really bothered.

One cardiologist. He's my new doc who's taking the lead on my treatment. Hopefully it will be shorter than the last, hour and a half, appointment.

Three doctors in as many weeks is a very nice, manageable number, especially since they're not being squeezed between my school and my parents' work.

My parents are puzzle people. I am not. At all. I sat down at the table, moved a few pieces around, and declared "I give up" after about thirty seconds.

It's become a tradition to bring one out over the holidays. My parents do tend to get a bit obsessed, going to bed later and later, until it's done and we get our dining room table back.

I spend the time inhaling books. Passable novels mostly, a great one if I'm lucky, with a few on the history of the Middle East thrown in for good measure.

I refuse to think about school, although I'm counting down the days in my head.

I'm off to take some pictures, or drink some hot chocolate, or watch a movie, in my pajamas.


Kimber Leszczuk. said...

That sounds like heaven

Jessica said...

sounds like a great day!! Hope your enjoying ur new camera!