Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Chocolate Tofu

Have you ever had chocolate tofu? It's like instant chocolate pudding, only better, because 1) it's instant, and 2) you can pretend it's healthy.

I got a straight flush in poker. Unfortunately, we weren't playing for money. Or maybe that was good, because I still managed to lose.

Blogger and I aren't getting along so great. I can't get into the template designer, so I'm stuck with a very blue template.

I hate To-Do Lists. I feel like they judge me when I don't do everything. But I haven't been so good at keeping a running list in my head, so out comes the To-Do List paper.

Of course I have paper just for To-Do Lists.

When I was little I was completely convinced that "In and Out Syndrome" was a real thing. My mom said it jokingly about our cat one day. She (being the cat) still has it.


Kimber Leszczuk. said...

Never had chocolate tofu! Sounds interesting though.

I have mixed together chocolate pudding and cottage cheese - it is lowfat and tastes like cheesecake. :P

Happy random tuesday thoughts!

Alex and Ben said...

I've had chocolate icing and triscuits. It tastes like salty dunkaroos

SONZ said...

I like tofu... But I dont think I could handle it with chocolate... it would ruin chocolate for me and thats the only thing that gets me through the day....
I make To-Do lists...but I always forget to carry a pencil or pen to cross things off as I finish them... This makes me go over my list again and again, just to make sure that I had done everything...very frustrating!