Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Wise Decision

The best decision I made this year was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I decided to start listening to myself. 

To trust my instincts and to go with my gut. 

I’ve learned that I have pretty good instincts and that they’re worth listening to.

I’ve also learned that when something doesn’t feel right, I should listen to that feeling. Especially when I have actual information to back that feeling up.

This year, I, along with my doctors and parents, decided to change the way we approach my treatment. That instead of throwing prescriptions at me and trying everyone’s ideas, I would do what feels right. It’s my body-I know it pretty well by now. 

The other way wasn’t working (two ER visits indicate it may have been hurting), and it had been given a fair chance. 

Now it’s time to give this new strategy a chance.

There are fewer doctors appointments. Many, many fewer. There are fewer medications. There is less stress.

There is more of a focus on me, on what I need and what I’m feeling.

And it feels right in my gut. 

Deciding to trust myself with medical decisions helped me to see that I should listen and trust myself with other things, as well.

I write more. I listen to music. I dance like a crazy person. I sit quietly and stare out at the world.

That too, feels right. 

(I got this prompt here.)

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Kimber Leszczuk. said...

Mood can have a huge effect on health. It is proven that prolonged periods of stress can suppress the immune system and cause all kinds of problems. If you are happier you are healthier PERIOD. Good for you!