Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Spirit of the Holidays

A quiet season is all I ask.
Filled with love.
Gifts given from the heart.

Time to be.
Time to spend with my family.
At home, with the habits that have become traditions.

Familiar music fills my ears.
Tapes are dusted off.
Tunes recognized and sung along with.

Strings of lights.
Wrestled into place,
Bring more than physical light to the house.

Textbooks are hidden away.
Replaced by fat novels.
There is time to read, and enjoy.

The tree is assembled in pieces.
Lights untangled.
Branches straightened.

Boxes of ornaments unwrapped.
They sparkle and glitter,
Filled with memories.

Doorbells buzz,
Announcing the arrival of mysterious packages.
Neighbors appear, bearing plates of sweets.

Three warm bodies curl up together.
Nothing to attend to.
They wait in silence as the spirit fills them.


Jessica said...

I really like your peom!! It is really good. Merry Christmas!!

Mark said...

merry xmas!

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

This was a beautiful poem. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.