Thursday, January 6, 2011

Left Out

Sometimes what is there isn't as important as what is not there. The things that go unsaid and the gaps in our thoughts, things left out consciously or not.

All the things I would put in parenthesis. All the commas I would use.

They can be mundane. The small things. I leave out the stupid jokes that only I get and the random observations about life.

The small things can take up so much space that they take away from the whole. By adding details, definition can be lost.

Then there are the big things left out. Without these pieces, the whole isn't always whole.

Left out because of hurt, or need, or because they are only important in hindsight.

These are the ones I am hesitant to ask about. I work with what I am given, what has been volunteered. It may not be the total sum, but the pieces can create a whole of their own.

Too personal to share. Too raw to let others see. Too business-oriented to legally inform others.

Each time I tell a story, I am conscious of those pieces that are written or captured or told, as well as those left out. Neither better nor worse, the two piles of pieces create two intertwined, but separate, stories.

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