Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekly Winners

Furry face

Blue-eyed girl


The only snowman so far this year

Old and tired

A little reminder


Fresh snow

Wrapping paper




Jessica said...

GREAT photos!! are those with your new camera?

Sarah said...

I absolutely love the reading shot. Very simple and lovely.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great photos! Love the snow shots!

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Awesome shots. especially the first two. Did you get a new camera? Yay you!!!

Laura said...

Beautiful collection!

That kinda snowman is the only snowman we ever have here in the southern hemisphere!

Rachael said...

I like the one of the cat!

Carrie Thompson said...

blue eyed girl and the hershey kiss are my favorites! snow on widow ledge is a CLOSE second!

Jen said...

you have such a great style that is simple and full of character.

Grandma Doris said...

Enjoyed your pictures especially of Mom and Dad sledding

Missy @ My Life Ain't Always Beautiful said...

Love the up in the face kitty picture. Your hat really caught my eye. Is it handmade? MMM kisses must find some.